LeeLawsonDJ.com is dedicated to providing you with Lee Lawson’s music and mixtapes for you to bump and enjoy. We like to give you this music as a free download, and there are multiple ways to get it for free. Two of the main ways is either through a TORRENT or ZIP file. Each one is different and has its advantages and disadvantages. If you’re already accustomed to downloading music online, congrats, you probably don’t need this run down.

TORRENT – Basically, a torrent is a P2P (peer to peer) type download that pulls it’s source from not one person but many. These are called ‘seeds’. The more people seeding, the faster the download. It’s ideal for big, fat files like movies. To download a torrent you’ll need a torrent client (a program that manages the download for you). I use ‘uTorrent.’

Find your torrent on a torrent site (Kickass.to , mininova.org),

click ‘Download torrent’ ( make sure you don’t click an ad)
a box will pop up and ask to ‘Open’ or ‘Save’ the file,

click ‘Open’ (it should say with uTorrent, or whatever your client).
The download then opens and starts in your client. When it’s finished you become a seed. Enjoy.

DISADVANTAGES: Downloading torrents is a fast, easy way to download bad stuff on your computer, like viruses, if you’re not paying attention. I recommend it only to those who are savvy with computers and understand file formats, etc. There’s so much more to it than this list, so I suggest doing some research on downloading torrents before attempting. I am NOT responsible for the havoc you wreak on your computer.




ZIP – a ZIP file download is usually a direct download from a website server. These are pretty easy to deal with.

First, click the link to download.

Next, a box pops up to either ‘Open’ or ‘Save’. Click SAVE. It’ll probably save to your ‘Downloads’ folder, if you haven’t specified anywhere else.

When it’s finished, find the file on your computer. When you find it, right-click it and select ‘Extract All’ and follow the instructions.

ZIP files are an excellent way to download stuff simply and quickly, especially if you’re not computer savvy. Links from here and other big, prominent music sites are often pretty trustworthy.

When it comes to downloading music on the internet, always pay attention to what you click and what boxes open up after you click them. Learn to pay attention to file sizes, file names, and make sure to read carefully otherwise you’ll end downloading and installing some crap software you don’t need, or worse, wrecking your computer.